Die Filmakademie war geil, weil Ich viele praktische Erfahrungen sammeln konnte, ausserdem habe ich verlässliche Kollegen und Freunde gefunden!

Mark Szilagyi

Produktion / Serien Producing

Diplomjahr:   2014
Diplomtitel:   REDLAND

2019 HARRAGA (AT) Producer 60/90min
(DE&MA coproduction, Südwestrundfunk SWR German TV)
Logline: A documentary about ca 200 Moroccan children who grow up in the caves in the Harbor of Melilla, a Spanish exclave in North Africa – they call themselves Harraga, which means in Darija Arabic: "those who burn the borders and their lives".
(DE&ZA coproduction, Südwestrundfunk SWR German TV)
Logline: A portrait about the diamond diving town of Port Nolloth, South Africa
2017 NOLLYWOOD, Producer, Documentary 60min
(DE&NG BW Film Academy)
Logline: Documentary about the the worlds second largest film industry
2017 HANSEL AND GRETEL, Producer, Featurefilm and Opera 60min
(DE&RW coproduction Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company and Oper Stuttgart)
Logline: Humperdincks classic opera directed by Kirill Serebrennikov with a Rwandan Cast
2016 TYSON!, Co-Producer, Shortfilm, (USA&RW coproduction, Ocampo Company) 20min
Logline: Short story about Tyson in a Kenyan Hospital
2016 THE CONGO TRIBUNAL, Line Producer RW, Crrosplatform Documentary 120min
(DRC&RW&DE&CH coproduction, Fruitmarket Arts & Media and Langfilm with IIPM and SRF & RTS)
Logline: Staged as a tribunal on-location in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Berlin, Germany director Milo Rau creates an unshrouded portrait of one of the biggest and bloodiest economic wars in human history
2015 PITTER PATTER GOES MY HEART, Producer, Shortfilm 20min
(DE&AT&US BW Film Academy, Film Academy Vienna, Columbia University )
Logline: A tragic and comic love story of Lisa
2014 REDLAND Webseries, Showrunner, Cross-media Project (BW Film Academy) 8x10 /13/45
Logline: In 2089, Sojus, the last remaining mega city on Earth is ruled by the Communist Party.
2013 DYSTOPIA, Co-Producer, Cross-media Project (BW Film Academy and PenroseFilm) 45min
Logline: Dystopia is a crowd sourced sci-fi short to be edited by the community.
2012 THE RETURN OF THE ARAMEAN PEOPLE, Producer  Documentary (BW Film Academy)  60min
Logline: A portrait of an Aramean family torn between returning to a long lost home and accepting the change of time
Aired on German TV Stations PHOENIX, MDR
2011 KLINGENBERG, Producer, Thriller Short (BW Film Academy)  45min
Logline: A mad crime story around the former police inspector Wolfgang Klingenberg now stuck in an Nursing Home
2010 SAG MIR, WO DU STEHST, Co-Producer, Author, Documentary (BW Film Academy) 30min
Logline: Former East-German Secret police officers in dialog with their victims 20 years after the Berlin wall came down
Won the German Alternate Media Price, aired on German TV Stations PHOENIX, MDR
2009 DER ABSCHIED, Producer, Spec Commercial for Sparkasse Bank (BW Film Academy)  45sec
Logline: The chronicle to a long journey to the next ATM
licensed by Sparkasse as a Cinema Commercial
2006 DIE WELT SPRICHT BIO, Producer, Cinematographer, Documentary (University of Siegen) 60min
Logline: A documentary about the diversity of ecological farming in Costa Rica, Hungary and Germany
2005 EFFIS ZERBEN, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Imagefilm (University of Siegen) 4min
Logline: Image campaign based on the story of Theodor Fontanes, inspired by the world famous book Effi Briest


Márk Szilágyi is a Hungarian-German producer. After graduating in Media Economics, he broadened his knowledge by studying at UCLA, USA and graduating Serial Production at prestigious Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany. After graduation, he moved to Rwanda to work as a producer at Kwetu Film Institute for three years. He produced fiction & non-fiction for BBC, CNN, PBS, ZDF and SWR in East Africa. In 2017, he founded MSZ Production & Consulting, a film production and creative industries consulting, based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Currently, he is producing documentaries and implementing educational programs with focus on serial storytelling in Morocco, South Africa and Nigeria.

Homepage:   www.mark-szilagyi.com
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