Sebastian Mittag

Interaktive Medien (Transmedia/Games Director)

Diplomjahr:   2011
Diplomtitel:   The Inner World

About Studio Fizbin

Studio Fizbin is an Independent Games Studio located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Sebastian Mittag, Alexander Pieper and Mareike Ottrand founded Studio Fizbin in spring 2011. They strongly focus on story-based games & apps with exciting, original and unique characters, worlds and tales.

Additionally to their own game projects like the award-winning adventure "The Inner World" Studio Fizbin works for hire on interactive projects. For example they made all the apps for the famous cartoon "Tom & the slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey". In other projects Fizbin allows children to stage their own opera, or they even build a digital game table for a museum.

In August 2014 Studio Fizbin became a member of the G.A.M.E.-federation.


Latest Projects

Watch a Trailer and buy the award-winning Adventuregame:

Watch a short film about the game table in Muenster:

Try the "Opera-Maker":


Short CV

At the age of 13, Sebastian created his first self-published magazine "the viking". He sold 22 copies, 3 of which were bought by his own grandmother. But his path to the media industry was predestinated in just a matter of time.

It would be another 14 years until he would earn his B.A. in “media production” and his diploma in media conception at the Institute of Animation, a sector of the well-known “Filmakademie” Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In 2011, he co?founded Studio Fizbin in Ludwigsburg and since then leads the interactive content development of the company as Creative and Game Director.

The point & click adventure game “The Inner World” was Sebastian’s diploma project and also his very first full scale videogame, which he evolved from concept phase to the final release for PC, MAC and iOS in late 2013. The award-winning game is very well received for its creative world, bizarre characters as well as the humorous and lovely story. Currently Sebastian works as an Author on Studio Fizbin’s new project called “Beyond The Mountains”, an exploratory-focused game based on the famous worlds and stories of H.P. Lovecraft. As a game director he was responsible for the concept of the “Spieltisch Münster”.

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